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Interesting Facts About Properties on Film Sets

In the era where everyone is hooked on the screen to watch the latest series of their favorite movies or soap operas, the presence of film sets is no longer an odd thing. While it is true that those producers like to keep things simple and away from publicity by constructing a closed and temporary set, there is always a possibility to do the shooting on the streets, especially when the storyline requires such locations. If you are familiar with those film sets, then, the presence of properties is also something you are familiar with.

a person holding clapper board on set

Movie properties, or usually referred to as a prop, are some objects used in the movies or theatrical acts based on the script. It can be a weapon, furniture, edible food, or a costume. Those properties serve mainly to make all scenes look real. Of course, it will not make any sense if a historical movie portraying an ancient kingdom presents a black car service in one of the scenes.

The Origin

performers performing on stageBefore the invention of motion picture projects, theaters were the only source of entertainment for those European aristocrats. That was the first use of stage properties recorded in the history, including a massive wooden stage with fancy decoration. Hundreds of years later when capitalism kicked in, the use of such properties had come to another level when they were used in the process of filmmaking.

Along with the developments in the storyline and the movie genres, the production of such items improves resulting in many different kinds of props for different types of movie. Historical movies, for instance, are different from those sophisticated-looking superhero movies. One of the most memorable film props, perhaps, is the super-fancy cars appeared in numerous James Bond movies. When those items are no longer used for the production, they will instantly turn into movie memorabilia given away to the lucky fans.

The Cost

Movie production is not a joke when it comes to the expenses that the producers need to pay. In most cases, they need to spend hundreds of dollars on the props. It still does not include the costumes and the crew’s needs. Of course, it is a big problem when a production company is low on budget. To overcome the problem, then, props rental sounds promising. However, there are some movies which require customized props to create good scenes. Harry Potter with those wands and parchments is one of the examples. When that happens, the company does not have another option but to order the necessary items.…